Astrology FAQ admin May 25, 2022
Frequently asked questions about astrology


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Astrology


1. Can the Client do an Online consultation?

Yes, The client needs to provide exact Birth date, Birth Time and Birth Place.

2. How much payment must be done by the Client and when?

100% payment has to be done in advance.

3. What needs to be done, if there are Doshas in the Birth chart and client is facing issues?

Every problem has a solution and we at Brahminji , help discover the solution . Team Brahminji will help identify the doshas and will also suggest remedies for the same.

4. What remedies are suggested for the doshas / issues faced by the client?

Remedies will vary depending upon the issues . Remedies will chiefly comprise of Rituals mentioned in the Hindu scriptures , Pujas, Gemstones , Planet related Daan (Donations ).

5. How are they(Astrology) classified?

Astrology uses two general classifications to explain how different signs can share the same characteristic. One classification is known as Elements, which divides the twelve signs into four groups: Fire signs, Earth signs, Air signs and Water signs. The other classification is known as Qualities, which divides the twelve signs into three groups: Movable signs, fixed signs, and Common signs.