Holashtak comprises of two words ‘ Holi ‘ and ‘ Eight days ‘.

The eight days prior to Holi are classified as HOLASHTAK DAYS . The specific day / duration/ time can be concluded after studying the Ephemeris or the Indian / Hindu Panchang .

These eight days hold significance as it is believed that the planets and their related devatas are in aggressive mode .

During Holashtak, Moon on Ashtami, Sun on Navami, Saturn on Dashami, Venus on Ekadashi, Guru on Dwadashi, Mercury on Trayodashi, Mars on Chaturdashi and Rahu on Purnima remain in fierce nature. Due to the fierceness of these planets, the decision-making ability of a person becomes weak, due to which sometimes wrong decisions are also made by him. Due to this the possibility of loss and taking wrong decisions increase .

Hence starting anything new or purchasing anything new in this time frame of eight days of Holashtak is not recommended .

In ancient times, as soon as Holashtak started, the place where Holika was burnt was smeared with cow dung, Ganges water etc. Along with this, Holika’s stick was put there. In which one is considered as Holika and the other as Prahlad.

This is a sacred fire / practice observed in India .

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Lord Prahlad was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu . This was not accepted nor liked by his own father, Hiranyakashipu .

According to the legend, when all the methods to dissuade Prahlad from devotion to Narayan failed, Hiranyakashipu made Prahlad a prisoner on this day of Falgun Shukla Paksha Ashtami and started torturing him to death, but Prahlad did not give up . Lord Prahlad would keep enchanting Sri Vishnu name even in the most difficult situation of his life .

From this day many measures were taken to kill Prahlad every day, but Prahlad would always be alive because of being engrossed in devotion to God and Lord Vishnu kept protecting Prahlad.

In the same way, seven days passed, on the eighth day seeing the trouble of his brother Hiranyakashipu, his sister Holika (who was blessed by Brahma not to be burnt by fire) proposed to consume Prahlad in her lap, which Hiranyakashipu accepted.

As a result, as soon as Holika sat in the burning fire with her nephew Prahlad in her lap, she started burning herself and Prahlad was saved alive again because Agnidev (Lord Fire ) had cooled down for him.

Since then, these eight days, which are being affected by devotion, are celebrated as Holashtak.

This is a win of Good over Evil , as always and hence during these days , one must be more spiritual and pray more . This win over Evil is celebrated with great pomp in India and other countries .

In India , Holi at Vrindavan is quite famous and people play Holi with water , colours , flowers and do special prayers of Lord Krishna . There are special songs , bhajans sung in ode of lord Krishna .

These songs , bhajans are also referred to as HOLI Rasiya .

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