Ruby (Manik)



Ruby gemstone (Manik Stone) in Hindi and Urdu is one of the most exquisite varieties of the Corundum mineral species known for its striking appearance and strong metaphysical properties. Known as the “The King of Gemstones”, this powerful gemstone can bring positive changes in the life of the wearer.

As one of the most sought-after gemstones, Rubies have been cherished throughout history for their intense red color and exceptional qualities.

At Brahminji, we offer a curated collection of exquisite Ruby gemstones, handpicked for their exceptional quality and authenticity. Each Natural Ruby radiates a fiery charm that captures the essence of passion and vitality. Explore our stunning range of Ruby jewellery, including enchanting rings, elegant necklaces, and timeless earrings, meticulously crafted to showcase the allure of this precious gem.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Ruby is believed to possess remarkable healing properties and metaphysical benefits. Known as the birthstone for the month of July, Ruby symbolizes love, courage, and prosperity. It is believed to enhance energy, stimulate creativity, and promote vitality. Experience the positive influence of Ruby as it aligns with your inner self and brings forth a sense of balance and harmony. 

Price of Ruby in India can go as low as 1,100 rupees per carat to as high as 5,00,000 rupees per carat.

We take pride in offering high-quality Rubies that meet stringent standards, ensuring that you receive only the finest gemstones. Our certified Rubies guarantee authenticity and provide you with the confidence to make an informed choice.

Shop with ease and convenience from our online gemstone store, where you can explore our extensive collection of Ruby gemstones. Whether you are looking for a dazzling engagement ring or a piece of jewellery that celebrates a special occasion, we have the perfect Ruby for you.

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