Vivah Puja ( Marriage )

Vivah (विवाह) is a combination of two words(वि + वाह)  and means someone special.

Vivah ( Marriage ) holds a special meaning and importance in every individual’s life.

Vivah ( Marriage ) stage marks the beginning of Grihasthashram and is one of the important sixteen samskaras.

Vivah ( Marriage ) is an important and sacred union of two beings.

As per the Indian scriptures, Vivah is fixed by looking at the birth chart of both individuals and checking the compatibility on multiple fronts.

Detailed horoscope analysis is done and Vivah is agreed upon once the matching points are satisfactory. The Pandits look upon the Muhurat based on the moon placement and decide upon a favorable day for this union of bride and groom.

Vivah ( Marriage ) Puja involves various rituals for the Gods, thereby seeking their divine blessings.

Vivah ( Marriage ) is a lifetime commitment and Lord Agni is the chief witness to this union. Pheras ( Vows ) are exchanged between both individuals in presence of Lord Agni.

Each Phera signifies a vow that the bride and groom make to each other.

Tulsi Vivah Puja involves the marriage between Lord Krishna and Tulsi Plant. Tulsi or basil plant is considered to be a very sacred plant by Hindus.

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