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Frequently asked questions about astrology


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Puja

1. Do I have to pay additional Dakshina to pandits or is the Dakshina included in the package?

Major Dakshina is included in the package, however it is suggested to keep small change handy during the Puja. However the yajman (client ) can give extra Dakshina as per their own wish to the Brahmins.

2. What preparation must the Yajman (client) do, when the pandits come home for puja?

Every puja has a separate requirement, most of the puja samagri (things needed during puja) are included in the package. However, a Jyot or ghee Diya, Jug of fresh water, few fresh cups and plates should be kept handy.

3. How much space is needed to do the puja by the Brahmins?

Every puja has a separate requirement, the puja where 1 or 2 brahmins are required, in that case 6 feet by 6 feet free space should suffice. However, if there are more brahmins, then accordingly space requirements can be discussed.

4. Where is the Puja done?

Depending on the nature and purpose of puja, it can be done at home or a temple.

5. Can the Puja be done , if the yajman (Client ) is not physically present?

Yes , Sankalp can be taken on the behalf of the yajman ( client ) by the brahmin or the brahmin’s doing the puja . In Sanskrit language ‘Sankalp’ means, ‘San’ = good, auspicious and ‘Kalpa’ means doing a Shastra (a ritual) as per the Vedic tradition.

6. What is Gotra?

Gotra is basically a lineage classification in Hindus , during a puja apart from your full name , GOTRA is also desired . Ex Shandilya Gotra , Kashyap Gotra , Gautam Gotra etc.

7. What if I don’t know my Gotra?

If the Gotra is not known , KASHYAP gotra is used.