Vastu FAQ admin May 25, 2022
Frequently asked questions about astrology


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Vastu

1. Can the Client do an Online consultation?

Yes, The client needs to provide videos of house / office and the layout of the house/ office .

2. How much payment must be done by the Client and when?

Payment will depend on size of apartment / villa / office and 100% payment has to be done in advance .

3. What needs to be done , if the house is not Vastu Compliant?

Every problem has a solution and we at Brahminji , help discover the solution . We will first try to suggest changes that are do-able with less effort . Only if , the problem seems big , then there can be recommendations by Team Brahminji , that might need furniture/structural changes in the house .

4. What needs to be done , if the house is Vastu Compliant .Yet , the client is facing difficulties in life?

Vastu is science of directions and place of stay and place of work both can affect an individual . In addition , one needs to look at the Individuals Birth chart and understand the related issues and get them resolved .