Griha Pravesh Puja

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‘GRIHA’ means House, Abode or the Place of dwelling and ‘Parvesh ‘means entry.

‘Griha Parvesh Puja’ is a Puja done while entering a new house /office or a renovated house / office.

Griha Parvesh Puja is also is referred to as House warming ceremony and is recommended to be done even in rented house / office too.

Buying a new Home / office is a joyful moment for the entire family /organisations. Love , peace , fortune , good luck , success is desired by one and all when living or working in the said premises.

Hence, it is recommended to get the Griha Pravesh puja done.

Griha Parvesh Puja is a ritual /ceremony which invokes the supreme Gods to bring good fortune, health and wealth when you step into a new house.

It is highly recommended to do the Griha Pravesh Puja which is documented in the religious books, scriptures and there by seeking the blessings of the Divine.

Griha Parvesh puja is an important puja and auspicious muhurat / date have to be considered properly before moving into a new apartment / house / office. Team Brahminji can be contacted for getting the right Muhurat for Housewarming / Griha Parvesh Puja of your house, office.

An auspicious muhurat is decided by looking at the Panchang (Ephemeris).

The Griha Pravesh Puja chiefly involves worship to Ganesha God and Vastu Purush God. This can be followed by satyanarayan puja and Nav Gruh shanti puja in addition.

Lord Ganesha  , also known as Prathamesh , is worshipped first in all Pujas and who is also known as Vighnaharta , one who removes all obstacles. So, we pray to Lord Ganesha first, there by seeking his blessings to help succeed in our endeavours.

Vastu Purush is the God of Vastu, construction, structures. These days, keeping the real estate prices in consideration, it is extremely difficult to get a house, office, premises which is 100% vastu compliant. Hence we pray to Vastu Purush God, so that he blesses the house and its structure and the people who stay in that house /office.

Vastu is the shastra for designing your home / office and getting natures blessings using the power of directions.  Vastu is the science of Architecture and is widely followed by the Hindus. Vastu Purush is the God associated with Vastu Shastra. The birth of Vastu Purush is mentioned in Matsya puran and he said to be born from the sweat of Lord Shiva. Multiple Gods are believed to be residing in the Vastu Purush and the central portion is occupied by Lord Brahma and hence the central portion of the house /office is called Brahmasthan.

It is believed that the Puja helps in purifying the home and attracting / invoking the Good energies . This Puja also helps in warding off all the negative energies and helps in settling the Vastu Doshas.

This Griha Parvesh Puja is followed by Havan, which helps in purifying the house.

Navgruh Shanti puja, Vastu Puja, Dwar Puja, Simha Dwar, Swastik symbol, Shubh Labh Symbol, Blowing Conch, Ganesh Puja, Kalash Puja, Toran (Garland of flowers ), decoration on the main door , Milk boiling , Kitchen Puja, Sweet Distribution , Prayers to Ancestors , Satynarayan Puja , Breaking / offering Coconut , Rangoli etc are of great importance while considering a Griha Parvesh Puja , Griha Parvesh Muhurat.

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