NaamKaran Puja also known as Hindu naming ceremony is traditional Hindu practice of naming the newborn and  this is one of the important 16 samskarams

Naam , means “name “ and karan means to “bring it in effect” . This is one of the important samskarams .The process involves the vedic astrological rule of naming considering the stars and nakshatras.

The first letter is considered extremely auspicious and the name is derived starting from this first letter .There are essentially 5 principles of determining this first letter viz , Janam Nakshatra, Masanam ( Month of birth ) , Devatanam( Family Diety ) , Rashi ( Zodiac Sign ), Samsarikanam ( worldly name ) .

After deriving the name with the said process , the name is whispered in the childs right ear . The child now has a official name and best wishes to enter the world to leave an imprint of his name .

This puja is a ritual of providing samakaras to the newborn , followed by a joyous ceremony

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