Hessonite stone, also called as GOMED stone and belongs to the semi precious gemstone family.

In Sanskrit it is also referred as  Gomeda.

Hessonite ( Gomed )  is a transparent honey coloured  gemstone that is associated with Rahu Dev (Dragons Head ).

Rahu Dev ( Dragons Head ) is also referred as the Dragons Head and is one of the Moon Nodes.

Rahu Dev ( Dragons Head ) is not physically a planet , however it has importance in vedic astrology equivalent to that of a planet .

Rahu Dev ( Dragons Head ) is associated with  Tamas Guna , illusions , diplomacy, weight , health , drugs , drinks , hallucinations , unconventional work , speculation , research , mysterious diseases, dissatisfaction etc

Rahu Dev ( Dragons Head ) is also considered as a female planet and diplomatic .

The nakshatras associated with Rahu are Adra, Swati , Shatabhisha .

Hessonite ( Gomed )  can be worn to connect to the frequency of Rahu Dev ( Dragons Head ) and thereby getting blessings of Rahu Dev (Dragons Head).

Proper consultation, Proper selection of stone, Proper weight and Proper energization must be considered before buying or wearing a Hessonite ( Gomed )   Gemstone.

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