PEARL stone, also called as MOTI stone and belongs to the gemstone family.

In Sanskrit it is also referred as MUKTA.

Pearl (Moti) is a hard opaque white shining gemstone that is associated with Chandra Dev (Planet Moon).

Chandra Dev (Planet Moon) meaning bright and shining, is closest to planet earth and plays prominent role in Vedic astrology.

Chandra Dev (Planet Moon) rules the Karka Rashi (Cancer).

Chandra Dev (Planet Moon) is the Nakshatra lord of Rohini, Hasta and Shravana Nakshatra.

Chandra represents mind, silver, rice, white colour , senses , feminity , beauty ,eyesight , jaundice, fluids ,water , oceans , creativity , travel ,mother ,  fame , depression , madness, lover , will power , white portion of blood .

Pearl (Moti) can be worn to connect to the frequency of Chandra Dev (Planet Moon) and thereby getting blessings of Chandra Dev (Planet Moon).

Proper consultation, Proper selection of stone, Proper weight and Proper energization must be considered before buying or wearing a PEARL Gemstone.

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