Holika Puja is performed on the day before Holi. According to history, Hiranyakashipu is fed up and angry with his son Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Vishnu. Since Hiranyakashipu considered Lord Vishnu as his enemy, he asked his sister Holika to help him.

Holika tried to burn Prahalad by setting a bonfire. She asked Prahalad to sit on her lap in the hope that he will be consumed by fire. With Lord Vishnu watching over Prahalad, Holika burns to death from the fire, and Prahalad remains unharmed. This occasion is observed as Holika Dahan.

This occasion signifies marking an end to all the evil thoughts and getting rid of all the sins. On this occasion, a person will receive the blessings of Mother Holika. It helps people to overcome any problems, obstacles in life and also grants wishes.

When To Perform Holika Puja?

The date for Holika Puja falls on the day before the festival of Holi.

Benefits Of Holika Puja :

  • It helps to purify the evil and negative energies present in the family.
  • Performing Holika puja bestows one with prosperity, wealth, and harmony.
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