Shri Satyanarayan Puja: 

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SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA is dedicated  to Shri Hari , Lord Vishnu himself .

‘SATYA‘ means Truth and ‘NARAYAN’ means the Ultimate form of Being .

SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA (or Satyanarayn Puja) finds a mention in the Skanda Puran and this Puja is believed to be thousands of years old. SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha (Story) is narrated by Shri Sutha Puranik explaining how the Human Kind can benefit from Satyanarayan Puja.

It is believed that Lord Narad once reached Mrityu Lok (Earth) and saw that people of Mrityu Lok (Earth) were suffering from various miseries and were extremely unhappy. Lord Narad , was taken aback seeing these miseries of people in Mrityu lok ( Earth ) .Lord Narad decided to approach his master Lord Vishnu and after reaching Vaikunth , Lord Narad asked Lord Vishnu how to end the miseries of the people staying in Mrityu Lok (Earth).

Lord Vishnu was pleased by the devotion of Lord Narad. Lord Vishnu mentioned to Lord Narad that worshipping SHRI SATYANARAYAN will be ultimate way of Happiness and Moksha in Kaliyug . Lord Vishnu mentioned that any house where SRI SATYANARAYAN Puja is performed will be devoid of miseries on Mrityu Lok (Earth).

SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha has various chapters which impart divine learnings. The intial chapters are diaolgues between Lord Narad and his Master Lord Vishnu. The later chapters describe incidents and the devotion of the Bhaktas who get the desired result upon doing SRI SATYANARAYAN Puja whole heartedly.

There are chapters in SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha which describe that not only serious devotion is important but also the Prasad must be consumed once the Puja is done. Hence after every SHRI SATYNARAYAN Katha and Puja, Prasad is of great significance and one must not forget to take the prasad. Hence even Prasad is very symbolic in this Puja. The  Pandit for Satyanarayan Puja explains in details the relevance and the story .

BENEFITS OF SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA : Book Pandit for Satyanarayan Puja

-> When SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha /PUJA is done regularly, devotees overcome difficulties and problems in life , whether related to the current or previous birth . SHRI SATYANARAYAN  Puja is conducted in case of sufferings and illness. It fulfill’s the desires of the living beings and grants them good health and wealth. This Puja also protects us from the evil and teaches us to lead the path of truth and goodness.

-> SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha /PUJA not only helps us in achieving our worldly and materialistic needs. But SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha /PUJA also helps us in attaining a higher level and head towards Moksha.

-> SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA is considered highly auspicious and regularly performed by Hindu’s over the ages.

-> SHRI SATYANARAYAN Katha /PUJA can be performed on any day, any time of the year. However Purnima (Full moon day) , Ekadashi (11th day of Hindu Calendar) are considered extremely auspicious for performing Puja to SHRI SATYANARAYAN .

It is also mentioned in the scriptures, that SHRI SATYANARAYAN puja can be done only in Mrityu Lok (Earth). In other abodes, there is only NARAYAN Puja and not SATYANARAYAN Puja.Hence we must make use of this opportunity that is specially imparted and must continue to do SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA regularly and forever till we are alive.

SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA is specially performed on every major occasion like Marriages, Child Birth ,Birthdays, House Warming .

SHRI SATYANARAYAN PUJA must be regularly performed at Home, School, Industries and Offices.

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