MANGAL POOJA: Book Pandit Ji for Mangal Dev/ Manglik Dosha Nivaran Puja Online

Mangal Dev (Mars ) is one of the nine celestial planets and often depicted as a god with a red body .

Mangal is said to be the commander-in-chief of of the nine planets .

Mangal is also referred as Angarka , Kuja and loves the chanting of Sam Veda .

Mangal represents anger , ambition, strength , impulsive nature , brothers , valor,  soldiers ,military ,  engineers ,surgeons, land ,lover of weapons , guns , commanders, Tuesdays, eyesights , accidents, war, passion ,conflict, passion , desire , protector of dharma , sacred path ,insensitiveness .

Mangal  forms Manglik dosha in a natives chart if placed in 1st , 2nd , 4th , 7th, 8th or 12th house . Manglik dosha can cause delays, misunderstandings , quarrels  in marriage .

Mangal rules the Mesh Rashi (Aries), Vrsichika Rashi (Scorpio) .

Mangal is the Nakshatra lord of  Dhanishta, Mrigshira,and Chitra Nakshatra .

Coral ( Moonga )  is the gemstone that is associated with Mangal .

Mangal  Puja benefits by calming the mind and anger thereby providing calmness to the mind .  It also works well on the marriage and manglik dosha front . It works well on the health and financial front too.

Mantras are of utmost importance to appease the planets and correct pronunciation is a must .

Every planet mantra has to be enchanted a particular number of times .

In Kaliyuga , the mantras have to be enchanted multifold times to get the appropriate result . Book Pandit Ji for Mangal Dev/ Manglik Dosha Nivaran Puja in Mumbai.

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