Vivah Puja ( Marriage ): Book Pandit Ji Online for Vivah/Marriage Puja

Vivah (विवाह) is a combination of two words(वि + वाह)  and means some one special .

Vivah (Marriage ) holds a special meaning and importance in every individuals life .

Vivah (Marriage ) stage marks the beginning of Grihasthashram and is one of the important sixteen samskaras .

Vivah (Marriage ) is an important and sacred union of two beings .

As per the Indian scriptures , Vivah is  fixed by looking at the birth chart of both individuals and checking the compatability on multiple fronts .

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A detailed horoscope analysis is done and Vivah is agreed upon once the matching points are satisfactory . The Pandits look upon the Muhurat based on the moon placement and decide upon a favorable day for this union of bride and groom  .

Vivah (Marriage ) Puja involves various rituals for the Gods , thereby seeking their divine blessings .

Vivah (Marriage ) is a life time commitment and Lord Agni , is the chief witness to this union . Pheras ( Vows ) are exchanged between both individuals in presence of Lord Agni .

Each Phera , signifies a vow that the bride and groom make to each other . Book Pandit ji Online for Vivah/Marriage Puja, Wedding Ceremony Directly from at best price. Call Now for Booking @ +91 8108108400.

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