NAVGRUH PUJA : Book Pandit Online for Navagraha Puja

The NavGruh essentially refers to “ The Nine Celestial Planets “ as per the vedic consideration .

These NavGruh have been of great importance to the humankind and they form the basis of the Twelve zodiac signs of Astrology . These NavGruh consist of Surya ( Sun ) , Chandra ( Moon ) , Mangal ( Mars ) , Budha ( Mercury ) , Guru ( Jupiter ) , Shukra ( Venus ) , Shani ( Saturn ) , Rahu ( Shadow Planet -Head of Demon Snake ) , Ketu ( Shadow Planet – Tail of Demon Snake ) .

It has been scientifically proven that these NavGruh affect the physical/mental wellbeing of humans .

The NavGruh Puja / Homam is a collective worship of all the Nine Planets as per the Vedic Rituals .

Every Individuals Natal Chart is different and unique .It has Favourable /Unfavourable  planets, Doshas and Dashas .

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The NavGruh Puja / Homam has been a very effective and time tested vedic ritual which can help by eliminating the negative aspects and strengthens the positive aspects . Thereby balancing and pleasing the NavGruh .

The NavGruh Puja/ Homam is  considered very powerful , in pleasing all the nine celestial planets and helps obtaining the divine blessings of these planets .

The NavGruh Puja/Homam protects the native from various suffering and illness due to the Dosha’s .

The NavGruh Puja/Homam grants the native with immense prosperity, success , health, fortune . Brahminji is the India’s best Online Navagraha Puja Booking Platform in Mumbai. Brahminji provides best Pandit Online for Navagraha Puja @ ₹1500 – ₹3000 in all the areas of Mumbai like Andheri, Bandra, Ambarnath etc.

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