Sri RamRaksha Strotra is thousands of years old . Sri RamRaksha Strotra  has 38 stanzas , written by Sri Buddha Kaushik Rishi after receiving divine enlightenment from Lord Shiva .

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It is also believed that Sri Buddha Kaushik Rishi is non other than  “BrahmaRishi Vishwamitra “ himself.

Sri Buddha Kaushik Rishi has written Sri RamRaksha Strotra  in “Anushtup Chanda “ . It is interesting to know that the great sage and poet Sri Valmiki also composed Ramayana in the same “Anushtup Chanda”.

Sri RamRaksha Strotra is an ancient mantra using the power of “Bijaakshars”, when uttered they create a divine vibration which enhances physical and spiritual health .

Sri RamRaksha Strotra can be chanted anytime and gives divine protection and peace of Mind .

The Nine days starting from Chaitra Navratri (Gudi Padwa) till Ram Navami, the chanting / puja ,is considered highly auspicious .

Sri RamRaksha Strotra is also considered a good protection for a new born and the mother . The Black thread is energized with Sri RamRaksha Strotra and is put around the new born to ward off evil and provide good health .

Sri RamRaksha Strotra focusses on all parts of the body and invokes Lord Ram to protect them .

Sri RamRaksha Strotra is a powerful strotra protecting the native from Evil , Negative Energies , Loses, Hurdles ,physical and mental diseases .

Sri RamRaksha Strotra blesses the native with good physical , mental and organ protection. Book Pandit Ji for shree ram raksha stotra puja online in Mumbai.

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