This is a Dosh that is identified by reading ones Birth Chart .

‘Pitru ‘, refers to fore fathers or our ancestors .

Even after leaving the MrityuLok ( Earth ) , our Pitru try to help and guide us .

Agnishwat , Bahirshad , Aajarpya and Somapa Pitrus  protect us from  East ,South, West, North direction respectively .

Indian Vedic Astrology is quite Mystic and has narrated / documented many different doshas in various scriptures / books.

To identify Pitru dosh in a birth chart, one has to look at many factors and planet positions.

The ninth house in the birth chart is the house of ancestors and is one of the main indicators of pitru dosh. When the Lord of this house is in the conjugation of Ketu and Rahu planet, it forms Pitru Dosh .

Pitru Dosh also occurs when Planet Sun ( Surya) and Planet Rahu ( Dragons Head ) are in conjunction and especially when they are in the 9th house in one’s Birth chart .

If the ascendant of an individual is Rahu and the Lord of the ascendant is present in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, it indicates Pitru Dosh.

The fifth house is one of the indicators of Pitru Dosha too. When the lord of this house is either debilitated on weakened or stays in the house of a malefic planet like Ketu or Rahu or is associated with them then it forms a Pitru Dosh.

If a debilitated planet is present in the fifth house of horoscope, even then this dosh can be formed.

It is said that in the month of Pitripaksh, lord of death grants freedom to all the souls to visit their own people & accept the offerings of their children’s, so many people offer shardh to their ancestors.

Shradh is a ritual, that has been on for ages and is often done, to remember our ancestors and pray to them. However, if a Pitru dosh is identified in the kundali , special pujas need to be done .

Pitru Dosh refers to lack of blessings from our ancestors and the native might suffer from mental issues on health and career front, there might be issues related to progeny, marriage related issues, poverty, mystic health issues, loss of reputation etc .

Proper Mantra selection for Planets, is of utmost importance. Moreover, the full Jaap needs to be done in order to settle this Dosh.

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