Ketu Pooja

Ketu Dev  ( South Lunar Node ) is considered as one of the nine celestial planets  .

Ketu is also referred as the Dragons Tail  and is one of the Moon Nodes.

Ketu is not physically a planet , however it has importance in vedic astrology equivalent to that of a planet . Ketu is also termed as shadow planet .

Ketu is associated with detachment, religion , alternative medicines , healing , occult science , secret work , saints , karmic connections , moksha ,separation

The nakshatras associated with Ketu are Ashwini, Magha , Mula .

Lahsuniya ( Cats Eye ) is the gem stone associated with planet Ketu .

Mantras are of utmost importance to appease the planets and correct pronunciation is a must .

Every planet mantra has to be enchanted a particular number of times .

In Kaliyuga , the mantras have to be enchanted multifold times to get the appropriate result .

Vedic mantra for Ketu ( Dragon’s Tail ) :

ओम केतुं कृण्वन्नकेतवे पेशो मर्या अपेशसे।

Puranic Mantra for Ketu ( Dragon’s Tail ) :

पलास पुष्पा संकासम – तारकग्रह मस्तकाम्।
रौध्राम रौध्रथमाकम गोरम – थम केथुम प्रणामम् याहं॥

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