This is a Dosh that is identified by reading ones Birth Chart.

“Grahan” literally means “Eclipse “.

This Dosh is primarily related to presence of Rahu (Dragons Head), Ketu (Dragons Tail) with either planet Moon (Chandra) or planet Sun (Surya).

Indian Vedic Astrology is quite Mystic and has narrated / documented many different doshas in various scriptures / books.

If Rahu or Ketu are aspecting or present along with planet Sun (Surya), it forms Surya Grahan dosh i.e Solar eclipse in one’s chart.

If Rahu or Ketu are aspecting or present along with planet Moon (Chandra), it forms Chandra Grahan dosh i.e Lunar eclipse in one’s chart.

Planet Moon (Chandra) directly rules one’s mind and fortune. Planet Sun (Surya) is responsible for strength, valour, fame, wealth, royal positions. Presence of malefics like Rahu (Dragons Head) and Ketu (Dragons Tail) affects the good aspects of Chandra and Surya, there by eclipsing the natures fortune and luck.

Presence of this Grahan Dosh in one’s Birth chart can indicate issues chiefly related to sickness, miscarriages, misfortune, mental issues, marriage, less confidence, illness, misunderstandings.

Grahan Dosh puja involves special puja to Planet Moon (Chandra) or Planet Surya (Sun), and Rahu /Ketu depending on the planet aspects.

Proper Mantra selection for Planets, is of utmost importance. Moreover, the full Jaap needs to be done in order to settle this, Dosh.

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