In this age of technology and fast life, owning a vehicle has become common practice, and time spent commuting with the vehicles has increased too.

Whether it is a vehicle for domestic or commercial purposes, we want the vehicles to help us transport with ease and less disruption.

A new Vahan (Vehicle), be it a bike or a car brings joy to the owner, and many times there Is an emotional connection too.

Vahan (Vehicle ) Puja is performed for the new vehicle to help the owner get protection from mishaps, and accidents and help transport peacefully.

In Hinduism, the Vahan (vehicle) is associated with  Lord Garuda. Lord Garuda is depicted as a large bird (eagle) and the Vahan (mount/vehicle) of god Vishnu himself.

It is believed that due to the grace of Garuda Ji, a person enjoys the journey. It is said that when buying a new car or a new vehicle, one should worship the vehicle.

It is believed that this keeps the person safe during the journey. The vehicle does not become a victim of an accident by worshiping the vehicle.

It is also observed that some people’s vehicle often breaks down or meets with accidents. Astrologically, this happens due to the bad Dasha of Saturn and Mars. It is believed that the weak position of Saturn and Mars, in the birth chart, can make a person devoid of Vahan (Vehicle ) Sukh ( pleasure ) and can lead to mishaps.

In this case, it is also suggested to do the remedial pujas for Saturn and Mars apart from just the Vahan (Vehicle) Puja.

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