Daily Puja at Home / Office

Puja means to worship , and the puja performed daily is called Nitya Puja or Daily Puja .

Generally every household in India has a temple , often the idols and God’s in the house temple are present from many generations .

India is the land of veda’s and our scriptures define Puja as a spiritual activity performed to keep us connected  with cosmos and the divine energy.

Depending upon the temple and the Gods , daily puja of the Gods needs proper time , attention and right mantras / paath .

This activity is followed by offering flowers and prasad ( Sweet offering ) to Gods daily .

There are certain rules and hygiene procedure that one needs to follow daily when serving the God’s.

It is observed that many a times , people are not able to do proper puja for the lack of time or lack of knowledge .

Also , many a times there is a regular need of doing paath at home/office  like Sunderkand Paath or Devi Saptasathi paath .

In either case professional pandits or Brahmins are needed to do the Puja or the Paath .

Brahminji , has a team of learned pandits who can help with the same .

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