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At Brahminji.com , you can book online Pandit for Rahu puja , Rahu Dev Puja , Pandit Ji for Rahu Dev Puja Online in Mumbai  and Rahu related pujas like Kaal Sarp dosh puja ,Guru chandal dosh puja , Shrapit dosh nivaran puja, Nag dosh puja, Grahan dosh nivaran puja , Rahu mahadasha shanti Puja, Amavasya Puja , Nag dosh puja . Gomed (Hessonite) gemstone , Rahu kaal or Rahu kalam is also associated with Rahu .

Rahu Dev (North Lunar Node) is considered as one of the nine celestial planets ( Navgruh ) in astrology . Rahu Dev is also referred as the ‘Dragons Head’ and is one of the Moon Nodes.

Rahu Dev is not physically a planet , however it has importance in vedic astrology equivalent to that of a planet . Rahu dev is known as a ‘Chhaya Gruh’, meaning ‘shadow planet’ .


As per the scriptures , when the Shristi ( Galaxy and planets ) was formed , samudra manthan was done . Samudra Manthan refers to the churning of the ocean , an important chapter, post which lot of powerful things came into existence .This churning was done both by the Dev’s( Gods ) and the Asuras (Demons ) and one of the most important thing that came out of this churning was Amrit ( Elixir of life and Immortality ) .Lord Vishnu in form of Mohini was distributing this Amrit to the Dev’s. However Syarbhanu , an Asura , sat in the row of Dev’s and drank this Amrit secretly.His act was caught soon and lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra on him. Syarbhanu body was immediately cut into half . However since he drank the Amrit , he had become immortal .This head part is known as Rahu Dev (Dragons Head ) and The tail part is called as Ketu Dev ( Dragons Tail ) .


Rahu is usually paired with Ketu which is also considered to be a shadow planet. Both Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics .

In Hindu philosophy , Muhurats are of prime importance . Muhurat is basically an auspicious time that is calculated looking at planet and nakshatra positions. Each day is divided into different  The time of day considered to be under the influence of Rahu is called Rahu Kaal or Rahu Kaalam or Rahu Kala . This time of the day is best avoided for new things and considered inauspicious.

       कालदृष्टिः कालरुपः श्रीकष्ठह्रदयाश्रयः ।विधुंतुदः सैंहिकेयो घोररुपो महाबलः

One who has death inflicting sight, one who likes death,

One who lives in the heart of Shiva, one who made moon dim,

One who is the son of ogress Simhika,One who has terrifying form,

One who is very strong .

Rahu is associated with Tamas Guna , illusions , diplomacy, weight , health issues , drugs , drinks , hallucinations , unconventional work , speculation , research , mysterious diseases, dissatisfaction . Rahu is also responsible for causing eclipses .

The nakshatras associated with Rahu are Adra, Swati , Shatabhisha .Rahu influences the spirit of the native . Gomed ( Hessonite ) is the gem stone associated with planet Rahu(Dragons Head ) .

Benefits to book online pandit for Rahu shanti Puja :

Rahu ( Dragons Head ) association with many planets is considered of importance in astrology and mostly gives negative result and creates difficulties .

Rahu is a natural malefic and can give miseries on many fronts . If placed in house of marriage , it can create issues regards marriage .  If Rahu conjuncts with Shani ( Saturn ) it denotes Shrapit Dosha .If Rahu Conjuncts with Jupiter it denotes Guru Chandal Yoga . If Rahu and Ketu have all planets on one side , Kaal sarp Dosh is formed .  Most of such associations of Rahu are very dangerous if found in the natives chart and proper rectification is a must . Book panditji online for Rahu Shanti Puja  and get benefited by doing Shanti of this dreaded planet and the dosh related to Rahu .

Mantras are of utmost importance to appease the planets and correct pronunciation is a must .Every planet mantra has to be enchanted a particular number of times .In Kaliyuga , the mantras have to be enchanted multifold times to get the appropriate result .

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Book Panditji for Rahu shanti puja  in Mumbai and settle Rahu related issues in your birth chart . Pandits /Purohits at Brahminji , carry along the essential puja samagri needed for the puja . Pandits /Purohits at Brahminji are well versed with right mantras and right pronunciation . Book a hassle free easy puja and let the soul and mind be calm and devoted in pleasing Rahu Dev and get rid of miseries in life  .

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