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KAAL SARP DOSH is a Dosh that is identified from ones Birth Chart.

What is Kaal Sarp Dosh or Nag dosh :

There are essentially nine planets and 12 zodiac signs as per the Hindu scriptures . Indian Vedic Astrology is quite Mystic and has narrated / documented many different doshas in various scriptures / books .

राहु केतु मध्ये सप्तो विध्न हा काल सर्प सारिक:
सुतयासादि सकलादोषा रोगेन प्रवासे चरणं ध्रुवम।।


KAAL SARP DOSH  is formed when all the other seven planets are caught between Rahu (Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)  i.e all planets lie in 180 degrees between Rahu and Ketu .

Being caught between Rahu and Ketu , can lead to weakening of other seven planets and hence the native might not enjoy the good results of even the benefic planets in his or her Birthchart .

‘ Kaal ‘Means Death and ‘Sarp’ Means Snake. There are many different types / categories of kaal sarp dosh depending on the position of rahu/ketu placement in an individuals birthchart.

This Dosha is extremely venomous just like the bite of a snake . Hence one must resolve /Book pandit for Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja /Nag dosh puja .

Rahu is associated with Tamas Guna , illusions , diplomacy, weight , health , drugs , drinks , hallucinations , unconventional work , speculation , research , mysterious diseases, dissatisfaction.

Ketu is associated with detachment, religion , alternative medicines , healing , occult science , secret work , saints , karmic connections , moksha ,separation .Rahu and Ketu are not physical planets , however they have  importance in vedic astrology equivalent to that of a planet . Rahu and Ketu are  also termed as shadow planets .

This Dosh is also referred to as Nag Dosh and Nag panchami is a festival associated to Nag Devta . One must also note that Narayan Bali Puja and  Nagbali puja  are performed for two different reasons. Narayan Bali is performed to get free from unsatisfied souls (pitru), while Nagbali Puja is performed to eliminate the sin of killing cobra or snake.

The Problems caused by Kaal sarp Dosh are mentioned below .

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Kaal Sarp Dosh can lead to issues on multiple fronts of health , career , marriage and various domestic issues.

Kaal Sarp Dosh is one of the most feared Dosh in an individuals birth chart .

Kaal Sarp Dosh is responsible for many ups and downs in life . Brings unnecessary struggles and delays in life and can affect mental peace as well .

Kaal Sarp Dosh puja involves puja to Rahu , Ketu and Sarp (Snakes) . Sarp (Snakes) are associated with Lord shiva primarily and there is also chanting of Shiva mantras.

This Puja is performed for pleasing Rahu and Ketu so that they don’t cause any problem and don’t create any obstacles. Book online Panditji for Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja/ Nag dosh puja and get relief / benefit from this dreaded dosh.

Proper Mantra selection for Rahu , Ketu and Sarp is of utmost  importance . Moreover the full Jaap needs to be done in order to settle this Dosh .

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