Yagnopavit Puja also known as JANEU( Sacred Thread ) Ceremony  or UPNAYANA Ceremony .

It is traditional Hindu practice among the Brahmins and in some cases even other caste too .

It is of prime importance to Brahmins and a boy from age eight onwards , can wear the holy thread , also known as Janeu (Sacred Thread ). This Janeu is worn from the left shoulder across the chest .

This ceremony  essentially has lot of meanings , one of them symbolises that the boy is now ready to learn the holy vedas .

Here the Brahmins are also referred as DWIJA , meaning SECOND . This Janeu wearing ceremony is referred to as the second birth of a Brahmin . This ceremony is also termed as an Initiation ceremony , to enter a vedic Patshala (school) .  It is a ceremony in which a Guru (teacher) accepts the native as a disciple and guides the native through different spheres of life .

UPNAYANA also means ‘Near to the eye ‘ or ‘ enlightenment ‘. The native is put on the path of enlightenment by the Guru ( Teacher ) .

The child is generally initiated with the Gayatri Mantra , which is whispered in the Child’s ear .

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