Shrapit Dosha

Shrapit Dosha , is a dosha which can be identified by looking at the Astrological chart of the native .

Shrapit means Cursed , Shrapit dosha essentially means the native was cursed in the previous birth or the native had done wrong deeds .

Shrapit Dosha is essentially formed when SHANI and RAHU are present together in the same house , in the natives birth chart .

Both Saturn and Rahu are malefic planets and their conjunction together , can prove really harsh on the native .

Shrapit Dosha , creates lot of hurdles in many spheres of life , like  marriage ,health ,career .

Shrapit Dosha is considered extremely bad to have in natives chart and it contributes to non stop issues in life .

Shrapit Dosha , is considered extremely unlucky to have in natives chart .

It is also believed that this Dosha is quite strong and negates the other good yogas found in the natives chart .

Shrapit Dosha Shanti is highly recommended  .

Right Mantra selection and Right Mantra Jaap along with havan is highly recommended .

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